The Enterprise

At the Enterprise level . . .

we help business leaders achieve clarity and alignment as critical prerequisites to effective execution of business strategy and organizational change.


In your Operations . . .

we get "in the trenches" with you, guiding and catalyzing effective analysis, problem-solving and solution implementation, to improve business processes and productivity.


For executive or project Teams . . .

we help bring about enhanced levels of awareness, insight and alignment and guide teams to new levels of performance and speed of execution.


For Individuals . . .

our approach to executive coaching can be a career-changing experience, enabling executives to see themselves more clearly, simplify and strengthen their focus, and increase their personal business impact.

Clarity. Alignment.
Speed. Results.

Change Acceleration for . . .

What We Do: Management & Organizational Consulting

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We help our clients – local and global, large and small – achieve improved business results more quickly and efficiently by accelerating the pace of positive change in their companies.

Given our ability to work across all dimensions of client businesses, we can be a powerful ally for accelerating change and mobilizing commitment to successful business improvement and renewal.

Our seasoned management and organizational consultants offer proven track records in the areas of Change Management, Organizational Assessment, Strategic Planning, GE Work-Out, Business Process Improvement, High-Performance Teaming and Executive Coaching.

“I find these to be distinctive traits and ones that make my experiences with Gagnon Associates beneficial: You have a way of driving for results that address the issues. You have the ability to utilize the synergies of a group to bring out the best in the group. I need that kind of consulting support as the leader of a change initiative.” ... Read the full Testimonial »

When Do Clients Call on Us to Help Accelerate Change?