Change Management


Change Management Process

Seeing Organizational Change as a Process

Though not as concrete as a production line, not as quantifiable as a budgeting process, not as tangible as a supply-chain, the dynamic of organizational change, like other business processes and systems, is subject to certain “laws” and principles.  It can be optimized if managed according to certain best-practices.  And it must be managed as such in order to ensure quality “outputs.”

“I can honestly say I have never seen a change this significant or ‘strategic’ go quite as well as this one . . .”
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We help clients accelerate positive change in their organizations by working with them to ensure that their important change initiative is managed consistent with the widely-acknowledged and fundamental phases of any effective change management process:

Building Your Organization’s Residual Change-Management Skill

In addition to providing organizational change management consulting services in support of a specific change initiative, we also help clients build their own change-management capability for the long term via our “Change Management: Principles and Practices” Program.

Reflecting our “action learning” bias, this is not a theoretical, academic, training experience.  Rather, it is a hands-on, multiple-day workshop in which participants apply solid, proven, change theory to their own real-world organizational change management project.  As a result, they produce outputs they can apply directly back on the job to more effectively manage a current change-management challenge.

The “Program ‘Map’” pictured below, illustrates not only the workshop phases, but also the tools provided and the outputs that result:

Change Management Map

“I can honestly say I have never seen a change this significant or “strategic” go quite as well as this one.” ... Read the full Testimonial »

“This year, thanks to your training, we will be assuming more of the responsibility for implementing “30/60/90” ourselves so that we can continue to reap the change-acceleration and productivity benefits at less cost to Joy.” ... Read the full Testimonial »