Supply-Chain Management/Supplier Development

We invite you to read the following testimonial from one of our Chief Purchasing Officer clients and a representative case study of the work we conducted for him over a two year period in his company’s Far Eastern operations.   For more information on the approach used to achieve these results, please see our GE Work-Out Core Capability.

“I personally used the Town Meeting Process, as delivered by Gagnon Associates, in the Asia Pacific Region for Philips Consumer Electronics. We used the Process to bring greater transparency to our supplier relationships and to support a seamless working method within our Supply Chain. These Town Meetings proved to be a key success factor in our integral approach to Supply Chain Management.” ... Read the full Testimonial »

Case Study: Supply Chain Management/Supplier Development

THE COMPANY: A major European-based, worldwide manufacturer of consumer electronics products.
THE PROBLEM: Fiercely competitive market pricing by the Japanese and other rival consumer electronics manufacturers places extreme pressure on margins. To combat relentless, yearly price erosions of as much as 20 – 25%, company must continuously seek ways to ... Read the full Case Study »