Organizational Assessment:  Ensuring Knowledge-Based Programs

Focus Group

We believe in knowledge-based consulting engagements that ensure addressing root causes, not just symptoms.  Though clients usually have definite ideas about the problems that plague them and their organizations, it is best practice to gather objective data and talk to key stakeholders before implementing a solution or launching significant organizational change.

Our approach to organizational assessment usually involves some combination of the following elements:

  • Interviews
    • With senior organizational leaders
    • With key stakeholders within the organization
    • With external industry experts
    • With customers or clients
  • Structured Focus Groups
    • With selected staff representing specific functional, geographical or demographic groups
  • Web-based surveys of the client organization or a representative sample

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Other organizational assessment capabilities include:

  • Assessment of senior leaders and others through 360 assessment survey feedback or confidential interviews with co-workers
  • Development of tools and training for selection of staff
  • Development of performance management tools and training
  • Development of competency models  and competency-based assessment tools

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