Global Standardization

We invite you to read the following representative Global Standardization case studies, taken from our client files.  For more information on the approach used to achieve these results, please see our GE Work-Out Core Capability.

Case Study: Global Standardization, Heavy Equipment Manufacturing

THE COMPANY: A 700MM+ worldwide maker of large-scale mining machinery and equipment.
THE PROBLEM: Globally-dispersed operations from newly-integrated businesses result in a varied proliferation of key-component designs as well as disparate and sub-optimized supply-chain and production practices and processes. A long history of autonomy and sparse communication among these distributed operations compounds ... Read the full Case Study »

Case Study: Global Standardization, Consumer Electronics

THE COMPANY: A major European-based, worldwide manufacturer of consumer electronics products.
THE PROBLEM: Fiercely competitive market pricing by the Japanese and other rival consumer electronics manufacturers places extreme pressure on margins. To reduce costs and maintain margins, company must bring about global standardization so as to better leverage worldwide economies of scale ... Read the full Case Study »