Cycle-Time Reduction/Productivity

We invite you to read the following testimonial to our Cycle-Time Reduction/Productivity Improvement work from one of our satisfied clients, as well as a representative case study.   For more information on the approach used to achieve these results, please see our GE Work-Out Core Capability.

“We reduced our gearcase rebuild cycle time by approximately 30% -- from 60 to 40 days. Conservatively, we estimate this to be worth $400,000 in cost reduction due to reduced labor hours, rework, and JIT inventory.” ... Read the full Testimonial »

Case Study: Cycle-Time Reduction, Banking

THE COMPANY: A Metro-West, Boston, USA financial institution.
THE PROBLEM: In fiercely competitive local environment, new CEO, committed to business transformation, mandates strategic review of all key business processes. Strategy: significantly differentiate the institution against its local competition by becoming more efficient and effective at delivering “stand-out” customer service. CEO also ... Read the full Case Study »