Process Re-engineering

We invite you to read the following Process Re-engineering case studies, taken from our client work files.  For more information, please see our Business Process Improvement Core Capability.

Case Study: Process Re-engineering, Least-Invasive Surgery Products

THE COMPANY: A formerly high-flying, enviably profitable surgical products division of a major health care company. Makers of state-of-the-art, reusable and disposable devices for the rapidly-growing, least-invasive surgery market.
THE PROBLEM: Declining profits due to increased costs associated with a lack of discipline and lack of customer focus in screening new product ... Read the full Case Study »

Case Study: Process Re-engineering, Catalogue Marketing

THE COMPANY: America’s oldest direct-mail catalogue marketing company.
THE PROBLEM: Using outside experts, the company conducts an extensive analysis of the way it develops products and manages inventory. The study concludes that significant reductions in cost of goods sold (COGS) can be realized by revamping the new-product development process while integrating, for ... Read the full Case Study »