We invite you to read the following Cost-Reduction case studies, taken from our client work files.  For more information on the approach used to achieve these results, please see our GE Work-Out Core Capability.

Case Study: Cost-Reduction/Productivity Improvement

THE COMPANY: A 700MM+ worldwide maker of large-scale mining machinery and equipment.
THE PROBLEM: The Problem Caught between low demand growth for original equipment and emerging new competition, the Company struggles with legacy issues of high costs and underutilization while lagging industry counterparts on key measures such as profitability, inventory turns, quality, etc. ... Read the full Case Study »

Case Study: Global Cost-Reduction

THE COMPANY: A major European-based, worldwide manufacturer of consumer electronics products.
THE PROBLEM: Fiercely competitive market pricing by the Japanese and other rival consumer electronics manufacturers places extreme pressure on margins. To reduce costs and maintain margins, company must bring about global standardization so as to better leverage worldwide economies of scale ... Read the full Case Study »